Mariculture/Marine Ornamental Export

Likiep Giant Clam Hatchery

MIMRA operates a giant clam hatchery on Loto, Likiep that provides juvenile clams for restocking reef areas and supplying local farmers for grow-out and for Marshall Islands Mariculture Farm (MIMF).

The hatchery has 12 raceway tanks and MIMRA employs three (3) staff to operate the hatchery. Initially, five (5) species of giant clams were cultured for the purposes mentioned above. These include T. maxima, T. squamosa, T. derasa, T. gigas and H. hippopous. Currently only two species, T. maxima and T. derasa, are being cultured at the hatchery and are being distributed to farmers. There are sixty-three (63) farmers involved in giant clam farming in Likiep. A group of six-to-eight farmers is culturing per year and rotation of farmers is carried out to provide all farmers a chance to farm giant clams.

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