Loining Plant


The Pan Pacific Foods RMI. (PPF) tuna loining plant received 5,704 tons of tuna from the three PPF-affiliated purse seiners and Koo’s Fishing Company purse seiners and in turn exported 2,972 tons of pre-cooked tuna loins and related products. Pictured below is the Lojet in Majuro.


"Pan Pacific Foods exports 2,972 tons of product."


Fresh chilled tuna sent to US, China and Canada.

The Marshall Islands Fishing Venture (MIFV) operates the Longline Fish Base with domestically-based foreign longline vessels as well as the national longline fleet.

There was a total 5,867 mt tons of fish unloaded in 2012 by the fleet and most of the unloaded catch was bound for export markets (Table 15). MIFV exports mainly fresh chilled tuna species to markets in the US, China and Canada.

Frozen fish (rejects and bycatch), designated as OTHER, are shipped to China via transport containers and/or sold locally.

The Marshall Islands Fishing Venture (MIFV) operates a Fish Base in Majuro, Marshall Islands for domestically based foreign Longline vessels. In FY 2013, 5,246 tons were offloaded in Majuro by the Longliners working for MIFV, down from the 5,867 tons offloaded in FY 2012. MIFV exports fresh chilled tuna to markets in the United States, China and Canada. Frozen fish (rejects and bycatch) are shipped to China and the Philippines in containers or sold locally.

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